AICA offers a vital platform for public expression and consumer protection in the realm of Beauty and Aesthetic Science. Our mission is to enhance the reputation and service standards of the Beauty and Aesthetic Science industry. Serving as a hub for the latest updates and advancements, AICA facilitates continuous improvement in the field. We bridge the gap between our members and relevant regulatory bodies, fostering collaboration and compliance. AICA stands as a global benchmark, setting the standard for the Beauty profession on both national and international scales.

Throughout our journey, AICA has nurtured and cultivated a multitude of skilled and dedicated professional beauticians and aestheticians. These practitioners embody a holistic approach to Beauty Science, skillfully adapting to the evolving consumer landscape. Guided by our seasoned educators, they acquire both theoretical knowledge and hands-on expertise, aligning with the industry's ever-evolving demands. Our commitment is to ensure they remain at the forefront of industry standards, poised to exceed market expectations.

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Founder & President

Econ. Law | Derm. AesMedSc. (USA) | DN. Med (UK) | Med. Edu (UM)
President and Founder of AICA

The beauty industry in Asia, particularly in Malaysia, is experiencing rapid growth. This expansion holds immense potential for bolstering the nation's economic progress by fostering new skill development and generating alternative employment avenues. The sector has already created thousands of jobs, instilling optimism not only for promising business prospects but also for the multitude of career paths it presents to the aspiring youth keen on excelling in the beauty domain.

The demand for professional beauty practitioners has surged over time, coinciding with an influx of unlicensed practitioners offering unregulated services. Disturbingly, the Malaysian Association of Standards Users and the National Consumer Complaints Centre reported a significant count of 2013 complaints related to the Beauty Science industry in 2013 alone. Instances of unethical and unqualified practitioners jeopardize public health, while proficient practitioners risk their credibility. A void existed in the form of a professional entity safeguarding consumer rights, necessitating clear guidance and regulated services. 

AICA, in direct collaboration with the IPEC Certification Bureau, takes charge of empowering beauty professionals to elevate service quality and reinforce public trust. IPEC is an internationally recognized Certification Body accredited by "Standard Malaysia" under the Ministry of Trade and Industry. As an influential advocate for the Beauty and Health Science Industry, AICA assumes the authoritative stance required to guide industry members. It is the ideal platform for propelling the growth of beauty and aesthetic science, steering it towards a meticulously regulated environment.

In conclusion, to all individuals aspiring to thrive in this dynamic industry, consider joining AICA and acquire the prestigious "CERTIFIED" status. This distinction signifies your preparedness to embark on a journey within the realm of beauty and aesthetic science.


To Establish A Complete Legal System For The Beauty Industry


Elevate the industry image and recognition, as well as to promote the importance of professional standardisation within the Beauty Science Industry.


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